Added value through sustainability

In all our business activities, we always pursue the goal of sustainability. From an ecological standpoint, in the sense of preserving an intact, liveable environment, as well as in economic terms with a view to economic benefits for our customers.

This is why we offer not only professional, reliable transport services, we also aim to win over clients through added value.
From logistics consulting and an extremely wide range of customer-oriented services, right through to warehousing and distribution. State-of-the-art technology such as electronic order receipt, on-line freight data transfer and real-time quality control of the transport process ensure our workflows are efficient and resource-conserving.

For many years now we have been deploying a very wide range of environmentally-friendly technologies such as gas-powered trailers and biodiesel. Because our trailers for road/rail transport are suitable for both road and rail, we are actively helping reduce CO2 by using multimodal transport.

With the launch of a pilot project for operating resource-conserving long trucks, we intend to further improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness and also achieve further reductions in environmental pollution.